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travertine block

Natural Iranian Travertine

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All about Travertine Block

Travertine block

Travertine block is one of the best and most original stones for building facades. For this reason, due to the increase in the construction of Roman and stone facades in the country, the sales market of this stone, i.e. travertine, has also made significant progress. In the following article, we want to answer questions such as what is travertine? What are its types? and its uses to answer.

What is travertine block?

Travertine block is formed by the deposition of calcium carbonates in areas such as caves where geothermal waters emerge. During the formation process, several minerals are mixed together to create the swirls and patterns that give travertine its distinctive properties. . They are placed in the category of porous sedimentary rocks. The holes in this rock, which are called porosity, are created from the space occupied by the carbon dioxide gas in the water. The amount of these inter-crystal line porosities is from low to medium, which is sometimes formed with coarse porosities in water areas. Today, for many home owners who are looking to beautify their home, using this classic material is an attractive option.

Travertine block coatings are less durable than granite and marble coatings, because they do not go through a long forming process and are formed without fully completing their formation, which are resistant to pressure of 550-750 kg/cm2. When used indoors They create both decorative and natural appearance.

Types of travertine blocks

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Types of travertine block and its uses in construction

Travertine block is one of the most widely used types of building stones. This stone is used in various fields such as interior design and building facade. In this article, we are trying to introduce the types of this stone and get a complete understanding of it. Since the most important principle in choosing a suitable building stone is knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each stone, we have dedicated a part of the content to express the advantages and disadvantages of this building stone.

But in a general definition, travertine block can be introduced as a porous limestone. This stone is very popular due to its high resistance to environmental conditions and the variety of colors it has.

What are the uses of travertine stone?

As we said, this stone covers a wide range of applications, from interior design to facade stone. At the beginning of the article, we mentioned the porosity of travertine. The existence of these defects and cracks in the back part of the stone is considered an advantage and causes more adhesion (due to the penetration of mortar into the cracks).

But the surface of the stone also has these pores and should be thought about. In the past, this problem was solved with the help of putty and concrete, and nowadays with resin. In addition to color variety and high resistance, travertine stones also have good resistance to UV rays. The high acceptability of this stone has made it a suitable choice for the construction of stairs. By knowing the other benefits of this stone, you will realize more because of its high popularity. But before that, let’s take a look at the diversity of this stone in our country.

Types of travertine stones

Travertine has many variations in terms of color and structure. But another important classification regarding the recognition of this stone is related to its harvesting place.
Haji Abad travertine

Haji Abad travertine stone has unique features. This stone has fewer cracks and defects than other types of travertine. Due to this important feature, its compressive strength can be considered higher than other travertine stones.

Travertine of Abbas Abad

One of the important features of this type of stone is its high quality among all types of white travertine. This quality is so high that this stone can be considered one of the best examples in the world.

Mountain Atash travertine

Another famous travertine stone available in the market is the mountain fire travertine. This stone is also known by different names such as meteorite. The main and natural color of this stone, which is found in abundance, is white.Atash Mountain travertine can also be considered one of the best examples of this stone in the world.

Travertine stone uses

It is one of the desirable building materials in the field of urban planning, which is also used in the facade of the building. Providing it in a variety of different colors helps to create modern and classic environments. In fact, it can be used in any room of the house, both indoors and outdoors: for example, in the bathroom, it can be ideal.

Advantages of using travertine block

This stone has become the first choice of many architects and interior designers.

Travertine does not absorb heat and this makes it always cool. (This feature has made travertine the best option for building facades in tropical regions.)

The presence of porosity on it has made the travertine stone not slippery and has turned it into a suitable stone for flooring.

Color stability and no color change in the face of external factors

Beauty and appropriate texture

Ability to cut and polish properly

Reasonable price in common colors

High sub-acceptance

This stone has heat and sound insulating properties to some extent.

The price of travertine stone

It is related to the type of stone and its characteristics. For example, Haji Abad travertine stone is priced according to the brightness or darkness of the color, as well as the presence or absence of waves and halos. In this way, the fewer these waves and auras are, or the more orderly they are, the higher the price of the stone.

Abbas Abad travertine stone also has the same property, and this is also true for Atash mountain travertine stone. But the common point among all the stones of this group is the increase in price if the stone is more submissive and the diameter of the stone is thicker.


Travertine stone is used in bathrooms, swimming pools, etc. due to its resistance to humid weather, but for this reason, we recommend Kallhor stone to buy this stone. Because quality assurance is the most important part of buying this stone and this store guarantees the quality of their work.

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