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Natural Travertine Slab

Have the stunning beauty of
the Egyptian desert in your home

Travertine stone included :
Kubayashi pulled out the sliding door which had a painting of tiger on it; He put a white stone with bluish grey streaks in front of the general officer; General picked up the stone, placed it beside Bonsai and called it Haiko (a Japanese poem).
My father was always telling the story about the giant catfish with silver scales; I wish he was here and saw this stone…

Silver Titanium

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Travertine Haiku

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travertine slab

Creama Travertine

The originality and warmth of a beautiful house depends on its color.

The visual identity of your store depends on its interior design

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Silver Titanium

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Creama Travertine

Cream travertine natural stone, Extracted with love from Iranian mines

All about Travertine Slab

travertine slab

travertine slab is a form of Limestone with Porosities which is identified as a sedimentary and decorative stone travertine stone is made through the sediment of mineral Hot water springs. The Porosities of travertine are created through the gases of mineral Hot water springs. The quantity of Solution factors in water specifies the brightness (TS) of the TRAVERTINE STONE. the Heat and Height of the location are powerful on the Quality of the TRAVERTINE STONE. The porosity characteristic is thermal and vocal insulation and those Porosities can carry a significant adhesiveness for TRAVERTINE STONE on walls.

Introduction of Travertine

The right unique weight of travertine slab qualifications in phrases of polish and resistance to climate conditions.

Moreover, every other notable characteristic of TRAVERTINE STONE is to take in water considerably.

With the improvement of generation and use of various kinds of Resin and Mastic in filling the Porosities of TRAVERTINE STONE, this stone has an excessive fee and higher applications.

TRAVERTINE STONE incorporates 10 percent of Iran’s stone storage.

But the color range and notable exception of Iran’s TRAVERTINE STONE have delivered the very best rank for Iran all around the world.

MGT Company via way of means of reaping benefits numerous Quarries and Stone Factories materials a massive variety of TRAVERTINE STONES in worldwide markets.

What is a travertine slab?

travertine is reduced primarily based totally on vein reduction and move reduction.

Production Systems in stone factories are to provide Slabs and Tiles.

The Slab Production like different slabs is accomplished via way of means of Gang noticed in massive sizes.

Depending on the Blocks, the sizes of slabs are diverse however the length of the slab is 2 hundred cm in peak and 300cm in the period.

The well-known illness is two cm.

in all MGT’s factories, TRAVERTINE SLABS are produced with a whole 2 cm Thickness and this thickness is to be had in worldwide markets, particularly European countries.

TRAVERTINE SLAB has much less intake in comparison to different stones, however having TRAVERTINE is the concern of maximum of customers, as it may create a sizable scope of cuts for unique sizes that they want for projects.

MGT STONE COMPANY, usually advantage of a massive variety of TRAVERTINE SLAB in unique hues in its showroom to offer them, esteemed customers.

More MGT materials all styles of TRAVERTINE SLAB with a unique manner like Polish, Honed, Lather, and raw.

MGT in its Factories, use first-class filling substances for the manner of TRAVERTINE and it may be claimed that MGT is one of a few factories that are successful to provide TRAVERTINE SLAB with excessive exceptional Epoxy.

travertine in Iran

To produce the TRAVERTINE TILE in stone factories, there are procedures.

The first one is to reduce the length of The slabs to provide slabs, and the second is the block cutter approach to provide Free period stone after which the manufacturing of TRAVERTINE TILE is accomplished, the volume used of TRAVERTINE TILE is much less than that of MARBLE TILE however in lots of specific and comfort projects, TRAVERTINE TILES are applied for Floor Decoration. TRAVERTINE tiles primarily based totally on manufacturing is split into VEIN CUT TRAVERTINE TILE and CROSS CUT TRAVERTINE TILE which is extra resistant than VEIN CUT TRAVERTINE TILE in a few cases.

Due to the generation in MGT’s factories, MGT is successful to provide a massive part of TRAVERTINE TILE with maximum exceptional in each length below first-rate precisions. TRAVERTINE TILE like many stones is produced in shapes of rectangular and rectangle.

travertine slab for sale

The stones that are extracted with unique dimensions from TRAVERTINE QUARRIES are known as TRAVERTINE slabs.

These Dimensions ought to be nicely shaped.

The first-class dimensions for TRAVERTINE BLOCK are 2 widths of 200cm and a period of 300cm.

a TRAVERTINE BLOCK with the noted measures and unique weight of 2/4gr/cm3 weighs 23 to 27 tons.

In the case of the whole fitness of TRAVERTINE BLOCK with those dimensions and cashing in on equal color and pattern, the block can have the very best fee.

A TRAVERTINE BLOCK with the above-noted capabilities is the maximum notable TRAVERTINE BLOCK for export or to provide first-class Slabs.

Due to the capabilities of TRAVERTINE BLOCK, having giant blocks is extra tough than different stones.

Therefore, in quarries, TRAVERTINE, particularly the mild ones furnished in corporations and lines containing a group of blocks with notable exceptional and unique tonnage.

The Stockyards of MGT are the first-class locations to offer TRAVERTINE BLOCK for our Esteemed customers.

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